Group Art Therapy

Group Art Therapy to improve companionship and social skills

Group Art Therapy Barcelona

Are you looking for a creative, mindful, and compassionate experience? Group Art Therapy is a gentle and creative way to be in contact with yourself and your emotional world.

Using the art-making process clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness and better cope with life’s challenges. It is a revealing and revitalising experience that enhances compassion and resilience. It can help you to overcome traumatic experiences, to love your body and yourself. It can also enhance bonding, companionship, and social skills between work colleagues, between adolescents with behavioural difficulties, and children with ADHD and Autism.

Sessions can be booked as one-time experience, workshops, or bundle. Groups should have a minimum of 5 participants. If less than 5 participants, the price and duration of the session may vary.


Group Art Therapy Sessions