Couple therapy

Couple therapy on Barcelona

Couples therapy with online and face-to-face sessions in Barcelona

Feeling a bit down lately, or stuck in your relationship? or do you want to improve it? to make it more fulfilling? It might be time to seek help.

My Couples Therapy sessions help you to resolve a current problem, prevent an exacerbation of problems or simply provide a “check-up” for a happy couple that is experiencing a period of transition or increased stress. Common areas of concern addressed in couples therapy include issues with money, parenting, sex, infidelity, in-laws, chronic health issues, infertility, gambling, substance use, emotional distance and frequent conflict. Contact me today and let me help you find a fulfilling balance in your couple life. Sessions are online and face to face.

Contact me and let me help you find the best of you. Couples therapy sessions in Barcelona are online and face-to-face


Couple Therapy Sessions